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The Mojo Force Partner Program brings together best in class IT resellers with Mojo's massively scalable Cognitive WiFi solution to deliver pristine, self-driving WiFi to customers. Mojo Partners receive direct access to Mojo sales teams, a resource-rich partner portal and the opportunity to upgrade to become a Mojo MSP. Join our revolution to transform WiFi through the power of the cloud and open standards!

Mojo Force Program Overview

an msp program purpose-built for success

Why settle for anything less? Mojo's MSP program delivers everything a reseller needs to streamline operations, increase revenue, and provide the value-add services that customers need.


Simply brilliant cloud wifi 

Set yourself apart by providing your customers with a Cognitive WiFi experience. Mojo's unique, self-driving WiFi solution harnesses the power of cloud, analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver an outstanding experience to WiFi users.  

Field Provisioning application

Mojo MSPs can now create new customers, assign devices to new or existing customers and create new user accounts all from a simplified smartphone based provisioning tool. Field installers can allocate devices and provision cloud account for customers while onsite for seamless customer activation.


msp operations dashboard

A single dashboard which provides MSPs immediate insight on how their business is growing. Now you can easily view numbers of customers and devices, the growth trends for those customers and devices, guest vs. corporate usage of WiFi and the data that each is consuming.

exhaustive reporting

Customized reporting for the MSP and their customers. Reports from Inventory, Alarms, and Events, to Statutory and Compliance, can be branded for customers or used internal reporting. Available daily, weekly, monthly with automatic email delivery.

"When our large distributed enterprise or education customers have a need for a cloud-based portal, Mojo Networks is our go-to Wireless solution."
-Preston Strait III, VP of Information Technology, Secured Retail Networks    See their Mojo MSP Story 

mojo Partner Perks

27 points

Protected Margin on Deal Reg Opps


Defective APs are shipped next day

msp program

Provide WiFi as a Service


Get Deal Reg on Mojo Renewals

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